Listen: Flume’s last ever single as a member of What So Not

What So Not – aka Flume and Emoh Instead – have released a new track featuring vocals from George Maple.

‘Gemini’ is the lead single and title track of a new EP, which will be the What So Not project featuring Flume. “Emoh and I have been moving in different directions creatively,” Harley ‘Flume’ Streten explained in a statement in February. “Our final joint project is a soon-to-be-released EP that we completed last year. That will be the last what so not project I’ll be creatively involved with.”

“Emoh’s been the sole touring member of What So Not for over a year now and hats off to him,” Streten said. “He’s done an amazing job playing to crowds around the world and here at home. I know he’ll continue to slay it, as far as the live shows go nothing has changed, go see him play. I want to thank Emoh for the time, effort and friendship that he always put into What So Not. While I will no longer be creatively involved I wish him the best of luck moving forward as he takes the reigns and steers the project into the future.”

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