Lee Ranaldo on Sonic Youth: “I have no doubt we’ll continue”

Guitarist Lee Ranaldo has opened up to FL about the future of legendary indie-rock outfit Sonic Youth.

The future of the band has been uncertain since Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore separated after 27 years of marriage in October last year. And while currently on hiatus as each member explores other projects, Ranaldo has given the strongest indication yet that the band will regroup at some stage.

“We are all enjoying the freedom to do other things as we have done for many, many years over the lifetime of the band,” Ranaldo told FL ahead of an October tour. “None of us are in any way even thinking about or certainly not talking to each other about ideas of what might or might not happen. The idea of getting to that point is a long, long way off.

“I have no doubt that we’re all going to continue,” he added. “We are all doing interesting things now and that spirit that has driven us all these years isn’t just going to dry up if we stop working together.

“I wouldn’t say [we’ve been] building towards this, but we’ve really prepared ourselves well over the last 10 or 15 years by being involved in lots of independent projects outside Sonic Youth. It’s easy to fill time, the challenge is filling it in a significant way, and all of us get offers to do various things all year long.”

Ranaldo will play shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne (as part of Melbourne Festival) next month, along with guest musicians including Sonic Youth bandmate Steve Shelley, collaborator Alan Licht and Wilco’s Nels Cline. Dates below.

In the forthcoming interview with FL, Ranaldo discusses his new album Between the Times and the Tides (out now through Remote Control).

Lee Ranaldo Band

Saturday, October 20 – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Sunday, October 21 – The Zoo, Brisbane

Wednesday, October 24 – The Hi-Fi, Melbourne