Laura Marling’s new track ‘Wild Fire’ is here to make your day a bit more wonderful

Laura Marling has shared a brand new cut from her upcoming album, Semper Femina, which is due to land March 10.

Called ‘Wild Fire’, it follows the single ‘Soothing’ as the first taste of what will be the British singer’s sixth album – a pretty astonishing feat considering Marling is still only 26 years old.

“I started out writing Semper Femina as if a man was writing about a woman,” Marling has said of her new album. “And then I thought it’s not a man, it’s me — I don’t need to pretend it’s a man to justify the intimacy of the way I’m looking and feeling about women. It’s me looking specifically at women and feeling great empathy towards them and by proxy towards myself.”

The album name translates to  ‘always a woman’, coming from the Latin phrase ‘varium et mutabile semper femina’, meaning ‘woman is ever a fickle and changeable thing.’

Listen to ‘Wild Fire’ below. Semper Femina is out March 10 via More Alarming.