Lady Gaga @ Burswood Dome, Perth (07/07/12)

Her fans are so dedicated and loving, they dressed up as characters from film clips, openly showed their choice of sexuality / penchant for cross dressing, multi coloured wigs, fluro/flashing appendages in a show of almost religious worship poured toward the this extremely intelligent, talented workaholic that is Lady Gaga.

As the curtain covering the stage dropped to show a massive castle structure, (think castle Grey Skull from He-Man), the expectations of something exceptional were smashed as Gaga was lead out by scantily clad dancers and paraded around a massive circular catwalk on a huge mechanical horse to Highway Unicorn, wow.

From there over two and a bit hours of hits, costume changes, a freaky, floating 3D pyramid with Gaga’s face talking and the castle expanding, opening to reveal a live band, it was a visual spectacular, but first let’s cover some of the tunes.

Through Government Hooker she had simulated sex with another female that raised the eyebrows on the mothers who had run the risk of taking their juniors along, but the more familiar feel goods came rushing as Gaga delivered the anthem Born This Way complete with full throttle dance routine. The standing area went apeshit.

We were introduced to Black Jesus and Bloody Mary as Gaga mixed pop with some more darker, sinister theatrical back story, think David Bowie’s Glass Spiders Tour cross breeding with any Marilyn Manson film clip.

She opened up to the crowd more and more as the night went on, admitting that those in the seating section “had it good cause you can drink and smoke weed, where as the front row, you’re just like me, you cant do any of that cause people can see you” – this Lady was very, very funny, especially when she dropped the Gaga persona and was just little, soft spoken Stefani Germanotta.

“You people in the seats, stop looking all depressed, if you stay seated you’re gonna have a shit time so get up and dance” signalled the intro of Bad Romance as the full voice of all in attendance bounced around the dome, it continued through a flurry of radio hits, Judas, Just Dance, Disco Stick and Telephone kept the commercial Monsters happy.

As she was helped out of her tighter fitting garments by her dance crew she exclaimed “its hot as shit fuck in here”, it was understandable, this woman works fucking hard for her fans, dance routines and racing around the catwalk stage, climbing the stairs of her castle over and over, as she sat on a step she really did look exhausted, but as the all conquering professional, she jumped on a motorbike/keyboard and belted out one of the most humorous and personal parts of her show.

The pace went down as she gathered up all the presents her little monsters had tossed onto the stage, sorting through and trying on the ones she liked, chatting to people in the crowd and rambling in good humour about how much she’s loved her tour of Australia, even getting excited about some “weed” that had been thrown on stage, before smelling it and sighing “its oregano, ripped off!” – she also led us through a “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie” chant.

She even revealed a new song she had written Princess Dying which she went and to say had been labelled her “suicide song” but backed it up with “but I don’t care what the fuck people think, you guys can think whatever you want”, empowering.

An impromptu request from the front row for Hair had the die-hards glowing before the soft southern rock of You And I had the queens at stage front making out, much to Gaga’s delight. The rock was brought back to the pop as Gaga picked up a guitar and joined her awesome live band for Electric Chapel as the stage was saturated with a technicolour glow.

Her famous meat dress that she sported on the red carpet way back when was replicated for Americano before another costume change had her finally showing her Poker Face – it kind of seemed that the volume had been turned down for the finale of Alejandro and the awesome Paparazzi, as the vocal was so lost at times you couldn’t actually hear Gaga over the live band.

After a short break the Lady returned to round off the encore with Edge Of Glory before one last splash of dance routine epicness with Marry The Night, leaving all in attendance fulfilled and well and truly impressed. She might be grouped in a genre of manufactured fuck wits and teen sensations but Lady Gaga is a cut above the rest, simply awesome.