Korn: Dubstep is “the new metal”

According to Korn frontman Jonathan Davis dubstep is “the future; it’s the new hip-hop, it’s the new metal, it’s the new everything.”

In an interview with MTV Hive Davis claims that “Metal shows are all hate, like, “I’m going to fuck you up in the mosh pit.” Electronic shows are all peace and love. They rage harder than metal fans. I played a show in New York and then watched [big Day Out Bolier room headliner] Nero who sold out Webster Hall. That crowd went ten times harder than any metal crowd I’ve seen in my life.”

“I watched the show from the stage and it was like watching an old Gary Numan show. The way the whole production was set up. It was just so cool. Kids are picking up on it now because they’ve never seen anything like that before. I’m forty years old, I saw Gary Numan do the ‘80s and all the other acts from back then. How cool music was back then. This felt fresh and cool like the ‘80s. There are so many different sub-genres and shit going on.”

Korn’s dubstep album The Path of Totality is due out next month and features the typically ridiculous song including Chaos Lives In Everything, Narcissistic Cannibal and Burn The Obedient.

Davis also laughed off a question about the possibility of Glee using Korn songs in his chat with MTV Hive, taking a very different stance to Dave Grohl, Slash and the Kings of Leon – “If someone wants to use one of our songs and do it well then I don’t care. People take themselves way too fucking seriously, I swear to god.”