Kiss and Mí¶tley Crüe announce March 2013 tour

Kiss and Motley Crue have confirmed that they’ll be touring Australia in March 2013 to headline the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide and play shows presented by FL. The full itinerary for their Australian tour will be revealed here on Wednesday, November 14.

Way back in January, Kiss manager Doc McGhee revealed that that the glam-rock giants were planning a return to Australia in 2013 and that news has now been confirmed via a Facebook post by Crüe drummer Tommy Lee. The star of your favourite rocker-compleates-collage-degree reality show Tommy Lee Goes to College has told his fans that he has completed touring for the year and will be taking “a little break til Jan 2013 then off to Australia with Kiss n Motley”.

Since July this year the glam icons have toured together playing over 40 dates across the US, Canada and Mexico on a tour they humbly dubbed The Tour. With both bands playing 90 minute sets, Gene Simmons promises that the shows will make “you will scream your head off until it’s no longer on your shoulder and then you’ll feel great. You’ll be drenched, exhausted, and completely satisfied without ever having anyone touch your schmekel.”

Despite having finally reached the big 6-0, Simmons and co show no sign of slowing down (or shying away from spandex) in their golden years. In fact, when FL faced off with Simmons back in 2008 he made it clear that he would be strapping on his platforms for as long as he is walking this earth: “There’s no high like a KISS high. You get up on stage and you get to wear more make up and higher heels than any woman ever has. Come on. And I wear a codpiece big enough to house every farm animal in Brisbane, so there’s a lot of fun and games there. And of course the other fun is doing the encores back in the hotel. It doesn’t suck. It’s a lot of fun.”

The last time KISS were on our shores they played a huge run of arena sized shows, which left our reviewer admitting: “You would have to be so far beyond cynical to look around the arena and see all the people up on their friend’s shoulders, all the little kids going ape-shit and all the hardcore dudes with their arms around each other, singing along drunkenly out of tune, and think that this was anything other than the pinnacle of “who gives a shit” party anthems to be rocked along to with utter abandon.

Kiss and Mötley tour:

Sunday, March 3 – Clipsal 500, Adelaide

More shows will be announced on FL next Wednesday, November 14