Kings too drunk to play

Kings Of Leon have abandoned a gig in Dallas because lead singer Caleb Followill was too drunk to continue with the set.

Eleven songs into their set Caleb stormed off stage telling the punters that he was going to vomit and grab another beer, promising to return for three more songs, but he never returned. According to NME Caleb had claimed “I’m trying my best to sing but I haven’t got a voice, I’ve got nothing here. I’m not drunk, I’m just fucking hot”.

Bassist Jared Followill came out to apologise to the crowd, admitting that his brother was “a little unfit” to carry on with the show. As the crowd jeered Jared stormed “Fucking hate Caleb, not us. I don’t know what to say. It’s not our fault. It’s Caleb. He can’t play the rest of the show. We will be back as soon as possible. I know you guys hate us. I’m so sorry, fucking burn our records. We would play right now if we could. We’re so sorry.”

On his Twitter page after the gig, Jared continued with his apology “Dallas, I cannot begin to tell you how sorry I am. There are internal sicknesses & problems that have needed to be addressed. No words.”

It’s not the first time Kings Of Leon have abandoned a show – who could forget last year’s infamous Kings of Leon Vs the pigeons incident?