Kid Sam reformation “unlikely”

Don’t hold your breath for a Kid Sam reformation. The Melbourne duo made up of cousins Kieran and Kishore Ryan has been quiet for a while now, prompting rumours the band had split up.

But in an interview with our sister site Mess+Noise, Kieran Ryan confirmed that they’re “on hold”, but still not likely to return anytime soon.

“I took a bit of time to make another kind of record, and it’s been a while since Kish and I have done anything,” he said. ”[It’s] probably unlikely to happen again any time soon.”

Kieran and Kishore started playing together as Kid Sam in 2006, supporting bands including Jack Ladder, as well as labelmates Otouto and Seagull. Kishore’s uses of pots and pans as percussion gave their sound a shambolic charm, while Kieran’s melancholy vocals were well suited to songs full of death and hints of menace.

Kid Sam released a self-titled album on the Two Bright Lakes label in 2009, with help from producer Nick Huggins. The album was reviewed well, scoring them some radio time on triple j and was also nominated for The Australian Music Prize (though they were beaten by Lisa Mitchell with her debut album Wonder). They embarked on a national tour off that album’s back in 2010.

Nowadays, Kieran Ryan is performing solo. He’s working on his own album, which should be out some time early next year, and will be supporting Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth at the Arts Centre on Thursday October 25 as part of the Melbourne Festival. Meanwhile, Kishore Ryan is part of several outfits including Where Were You At Lunch.