Kendrick Lamar has released a new song and it’s pure fire

Kendrick Lamar has released a new single, ‘The Heart Part 4’, and it looks like his next album is on the way soon.

The track is currently streaming on Apple Music and on YouTube – listen below.

Earlier this morning Lamar set the internet ablaze with an Instagram post preempting the song, and possibly his next album. The 29-year-old posted a simple image: a black page with the letters “IV” stamped in the middle.


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Longtime K-Dot fans will know that this is fourth instalment of a long-running series that first began in 2010. ‘The Heart Part 1’ was dropped as a standalone track in 2010. ‘The Heart Part 2’ was then released on the Overly Dedicated mixtape that same year. The third instalment, ‘The Heart Part 3, (Will You Let It Die?)’ came out just days before his groundbreaking 2012 album Good Kid m.A.A.d City, but did not appear on the album.

If history is anything to go by, this track probably won’t appear on the album, but there’s definitely an album on the way.

His last album, To Pimp A Butterfly, was released two years ago this month. A groundbreaking achievement for the Compton rapper, it was not only the most resonant record of 2015, but one of the most important in hip-hop history.

As for what to expect, Lamar recently hinted at its religious and social undertones. In an interview with the New York Times’ T Magazine he said, “My focus is ultimately going back to my community and the other communities around the world where they’re doing the groundwork.

“To Pimp a Butterfly was addressing the problem. I’m in a space now where I’m not addressing the problem anymore.”

“We’re in a time where we exclude one major component out of this whole thing called life: God. Nobody speaks on it because it’s almost in conflict with what’s going on in the world when you talk about politics and government and the system.”

A year ago, Lamar also released untitled, unmastered., a compilation of unfinished leftovers and statements. In the time since, he’s been on tour – he was in Australia this time last year – hung out with ex-President Obama, and collaborated with Thundercat, Beyoncé, Danny Brown, Sia, A Tribe Called Quest, The Weeknd, Kanye West, and, er, Maroon 5, among others.

Welcome back, Cornrow Kenny.

Photo credit: Katie Fairservice/FasterLouder