Kasabian, Will Stoker & The Embers @ Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide (28/07/10)


It has been a monster week with all the touring acts to breeze into town and whilst it has been exhausting with plenty of late nights it’s been great. Tonight, Thebarton Theatre played host to Englishmen Kasabian and to put it simply they were outstanding. Adelaide has seen them twice before playing at the Big Day Out but what Adelaide has been longing for is a theatre show longer than the standard fifty minute festival set – tonight’s the night!

Top job Adelaide for supporting this one and making it a sell out! No doubt a few people will be eating two minute noodles to replenish those bank accounts from splurging on concert tickets over the week but nonetheless well worth it with some great experiences to boot. Opening act Will Stoker & The Embers from Perth were solid openers giving punters a preview to their new self titled album with highlights being The Kings, Tickets Please and Bower Bird Blues.

Kasabian were up next at the early time of quarter to nine and those looking for a good time squeezed onto the main floor, which was almost bursting at the seams. As the house lights dimmed the Kasabian back drop was hoisted to a rousing reception as the band hit the stage. Flip a coin anyone for opening song! Anyway, Shoot The Runner set hearts and minds a flutter setting the tone for the evening.

There’s plenty to love and like about Kasabian and their front man Tom Meighan has plenty of rock swagger with a touch of arrogance and has more moves than a Jackie Chan movie. The brilliance of creative force Sergio Pizzorno can’t be forgotten either making the Meighan/Pizzorno combination a formidable one.

The atmosphere on the floor was great with plenty of fans shaking it as Underdog and Where Did All The Love Go followed in quick succession. Having said that though, there were pockets of people who were probably there to be seen more than anything and it was disappointing to think that they need to talk louder than the music to be heard – fuck off outside I say!

It was fair to say that their newish album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum was the focus for tonight and the songs that were played fitted seamlessly with the rest of their back catalogue. Standouts such as Swarfiga and Thick As Thieves stood the test and were well received. Thick As Thieves was well positioned to back off the pace a little and show another side to the band.

Old school fans would have been excited to hear Cutt Off and Reason Is Treason with the traditional fist pumping emphasising the words “K I L L”. Meighan continued to fire up the crowd as a Kasabian show isn’t one just to stand back with arms folded and being content to just watch. The hit machine continued with Empire satisfying the masses before delving in to the back catalogue with The Doberman, Stuntman and the brilliant Club Foot to close the main set. Fast Fuse is also emerged as a live favourite amongst the Adelaidians in attendance.

With the band disappearing during the break there were a few songs left that needed to be heard before fans could leave satisfied. Fire is just superb and I don’t think too many would disagree as fans made the most of what was left by really getting in to it. Vlad The Impaler was equally as impressive and to conclude proceedings there was a nod to their debut finishing with LSF. Walking back to the car as the rain started tumbling down I couldn’t help but pinch myself thinking that I’ve seen another awesome show and hoping that Kasabian returns to Adelaide soon.

Set List

Shoot The Runner


Where Did All The Love Go?


Cutt Off

Reason Is Treason

Julie And The Mothman

Thick As Thieves

Take Aim


Fast Fuse

The Doberman


Club Foot



Vlad The Impaler