Karnivool, Coerce @ The Tivoli, Brisbane (24/11/2009)

Karnivool pics here

A quick look around and a brief listen in on the chat unearths the familiar stories of the people readying themselves for a big night of tunes at Karnivool’s gig at the Tivoli.

People comparing tattoos, showing off their new guitar chords to mates and chit chat about the most rockin recent concert we all went to – the scene was perfect and Karnivool were the showcase, I knew something was brewing.

A late arriving crowd didn’t rush to see Sydney band Coerce, who to their credit rocked out hard and helped build the anticipation of the main gig. This anticipation was also helped by a long break in between the two sets as staging crew scurried through a sound check.

When the house lights finally went down it was 10:00pm and Karnivool were on stage. Taking to their instruments, lead singer Ian Kenny grabbed his microphone and checked to make sure his dorky looking pony tail was tight.

I have never seen him sport such a comical hair do, maybe it’s his new Green Room tradition, we’ll have to wait and see if it appears again. The opening track smashed the crowd with the most amazing wall of sound and the lights kicked in, with one person commenting, “Is this the fucking Prodigy?”

They might as well have been – the sound was huge, the bass cutting right through and the light show straight out of The Prodigy’s play book. You could literally feel the music!

Karnivool took their fans on a journey, which in moments had the crowd stunned in silence.

Full of intricate twists and turns, and emotive troughs and peaks the band were at home on stage, jamming out some of their best tracks including Goliath, Simple Boy and Deadman.

They really are masters of what one might call intelligent music, with the biggest instrument of the night of course being Kenny’s unique voice. His presence on stage makes him a true front man, lost in his own lyrics and performing them with the passion and emotion needed to deliver an standout performance.

At times he was swimming around the stage, arms strung out like a puppet and tonight he was in his element. The set hit its peak when Illumine, New Day and All I Know were played back to back, before the main set was finished with Change (part 2) and an amazing drum solo.

The Medicine Wears Off, The Caudal Lure and Themata were all there, with the encore coming to its ultimate climax when the lyrics, “It’s so good to see this world is alive” bellowed over the crowd.

Tonight Karnivool proved they are in a league of their own and left their fans feeling truly alive. Here is a band on a roll with no signs of falling and you would be silly to miss them live this summer.