Kanye West fans really do know who Paul McCartney is, guys

As we mentioned a few days ago, Kanye West has collaborated with Paul McCartney on a new song called ‘Only One’. It’s a loving and gentle tune in which McCartney plays keyboard while West sings to his daughter, while imagining his own late mother singing to him. However, the story picked up by Buzzfeed,, and other sources of reputable journalism isn’t about that. It’s about how that dang Generation Y doesn’t know who Paul McCartney is and are saying so on their new-fangled Twitter.

Those dumb kids, hey? This is like that time they didn’t know who Arcade Fire were, only now boomers get to join Generation X in grumpily shouting “I don’t want to live in this world anymore!” Except look at those three tweets again. The first one, written by @CurvedDaily, says “this is why i love kanye for shining light on unknown artists”. It can be hard to detect sarcasm over the internet, but that statement is dripping in it. Then look at the two tweets by @PercyBlackson and @BaeAsHell. They’re almost identical, even down to the emojis, almost as if they’re part of a co-ordinated bout of trolling. Because, of course, they are.

The Twitter bio of @PercyBlackson reads “I love the Beeatlays.” It’s now been switched to protected mode, presumably after being inundated with hate from Beatles fans as the other two have been. The Twitter of @BaeAsHell is giving as good as she gets, as is @CurvedDaily, a guy whose background image is a Simpsons screengrab like about 90% of all social media pranksters.

Even if it were true that some kids don’t know who Paul McCartney is, that wouldn’t be a good reason to headbutt your desk or flood their Twitter mentions with hatemail. But that isn’t what happened here. What happened is three troll accounts managed to enrage two entire generations of cloud-shouting Beatles fans into having a good rage at those narcissistic millennials with their selfie sticks and their hippity-hop, and we are a dumber world for having witnessed it.