Justin Bieber sounds better transformed into a 1980s pop star

If you want to hear what Justin Bieber would sound like singing over the closing credits of a Corey Feldman movie, here you go. A YouTuber called TRONICBOX has remixed Bieber’s 2015 single ‘What Do You Mean?’ and added cheesy synths, a saxophone solo, wailing guitar that comes out of nowhere, and all the other hallmarks of masterful pop music circa 1985. The photoshopped picture of Bieber with a full head of young David Hasselhoff hair is a particularly nice touch.

TRONICBOX also performed the same act of wizardry for Ariana Grande, creating a 1985 version of her song ‘One Last Time’ that deserves to soundtrack a rollerskating scene in an imaginary romantic comedy that has Molly Ringwald and John Cusack in it. Check both of them out below.