John Butler Vs Super Bowl ad

Update: (21/5/12)

Butler’s management has issued a statement announcing that the matter has been settled:

John Butler and USA advertising agency, Poptent, the creators of the Dannon Oikos yoghurt advertisement which initially aired during the 2012 Super Bowl, have come to a satisfactory settlement in relation to the use of a song in the advertisement that bore a strong similarity to his composition “Zebra”. The advertisement will no longer contain this particular piece of music and both parties are happy this issue is behind them. We thank all JBT fans worldwide for their support on this matter. No further comment will be entered into.

Hear the new music below.

Outraged John Butler fans have demanded to know why his song Zebra was heard soundtracking an ad starring John Stamos that premiered during yesterday’s Super Bowl, but John Butler’s management has assured us that he hasn’t sold his soul to an evil organic yoghurt conglomerate.

Butler’s management has announced that “the Oikos Greek yoghurt TV ad that aired during the Super Bowl yesterday featuring a song that sounds extremely similar to Zebra. John Butler and his management were not aware of this usage until yesterday, and we will be seeking advice as how to address the issue.”

A 30-second advertising spot during the Super Bowl reportedly cost $3.5 million this year so John Butler could be looking at a very nice payout or a lifetime supply of organic yoghurt if the ad is found to have plagiarised his 2003 hit.


The folks at Oikos Greek yoghurt have responded to the Butler rip-off crisis announcing on YouTube that “A question about the music in our Super Bowl commercial has been brought to our attention. We are working to fully understand and address the situation. We apologize for any concerns this has caused John Butler Trio’s band members and fans.”

Original version:

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