John Butler – Tin Shed Tales

John Butler has achieved a lot in his career and now he has returned to his roots somewhat, embarking on a solo tour, with this accompanying release, to show his fans how it all started, just the man and his guitar.

the Tin Shed Tales tour that saw the songwriter travel the country performing stripped down versions of his many great songs has been compiled on two discs complete with many of the songs accompanying stories to give further insight into the music. Fans of Butler’s will be pleased to hear that not only have the songs been recorded perfectly with impeccable performances from the artist, but there are some gems in the form of alternate versions that make this release a must have.

As Butler’s career moved along, things seemed to get funkier, and that is not lost in these bare bones version as opening track Johnny’s Gone from the latest record, April Uprising, locks in the groove. The banjo drives the heartfelt and catchy rendition of Better Than before the treat of the set, a new song titled Kimberley written about the Kimberely Coast’s fight against the production of a liquefied natural gas processing plant which threatens the stability of the area.

The first disc ends with a beautiful cover of the classic Danny Boy and an amazing story of the songs meaning in the Butler family. Disc two contains the stand-out moment of the whole compilation, Revolution, during which Butler uses a vocal loop pedal to create the song’s beat and vocal layers in a version that betters the original, this is an absolute must hear for lovers of the track. The funk levels amp back up for Used To Get High before which the singer’s humour slips out by telling the out-of-time clappers in the audience they are on crack.

The set closes with the soft and emotional Losing You, which highlights the track’s brilliant melody lines, the crowd favourite Zebra and the powerful instrumental piece Oceans. The John Butler Trio has had many members come and go, but Tin Shed Tales proves that it always has, and always will be, about John Butler himself and his amazing talents, which cannot be better explained than on these live recordings.