Jimmy Page just turned up at a Delta Riggs gig

A little band from Australia is playing to a 100-capacity room in London when one of the world’s greatest living guitarists walks into the bar. No, this is not the set-up to a dodgy Irish joke but exactly what happened to Melbourne’s The Delta Riggs on Wednesday night when Jimmy Page turned up at Notting Hill Arts Club to watch their gig.

“Our drummer spotted him at the bar, walked over to me and said, ‘Just to add some pressure, Jimmy Page is here.’ This was at about the same time as we had to go on, so we didn’t really have time to let it completely sink in,” bassist Michael Tramonte told FL. But it didn’t end there, after The Delta Riggs tore through a 30-minute set the Led Zeppelin guitarist came backstage to hang out and tell the band which of their songs he likes best. “He came back straight after the show and chatted to us for a while which was pretty surreal. He was just a chilled dude and actually pretty keen to talk about music. He said he ‘loved the tune with the great groove and Hawaiian chords’ which was ‘Supersonic Casualties’ and also ‘Rah Rah Radio’.”

And did the band get any advice from the rock legend? “Well, he gave us his address to post him a record as well, so that was pretty rad too. We are definitely going to roll up unannounced for a good old English tea one day!”

The Delta Riggs have spent the last two months touring Europe starting with a showcase at Liverpool Sound City and The Great Escape before playing over 20 shows in Germany, The Netherlands, France, Belgium and the UK. They will be back in Australia this July to play SOSUEME at the Beach Road Hotel and Leaps and Bounds at the Gaso in Melbourne. Check out the full dates (and Jimmy Page’s favourite song) below.

The Delta Riggs Australian dates

Wednesday, July 2 – SOSUEME 7th Birthday – Beach Road, Sydney

Wednesday, July 9 – Leaps & Bounds – Gasometer, Melbourne