Jimmy Barnes is the Lord of the Dance

Who cares about that ol’ Cold Chisel reunion, a whole new future awaits Barnesy now! Prepare to be teleported to a place where bronzed beauties get down on pristine beaches till sunrise, the streets are alive with parties and a 55-year-old Jimmy Barnes is the Lord of the Dance.

Thanks to a character called DJ Yaleidys who thought club-land was crying out for the Cold Chisel frontman’s gravelly tones, Barnesy has now found himself sitting pretty in the US Billboard Dance Chart Top 40. As you’ll see from the video below, Sun In Cuba sees the pub rock icon getting well into the Cuban spirit, while a Ralphi Rosario edit ensures its dancefloor-ready. There really are no words.

“It is hard – some say harder – to break into US dance charts than the pop charts, due to every heavyweight star in the world wanting a dance/club chart hit these days; just ask Coldplay,” says the facilitator of the hook-up, Chris Murphy. “To see both artists collaborate together on Sun In Cuba and have so much fun is a pleasure for me.”