Jay and Silent Bob

Depending on who you ask Jay and Silent Bob are either the two most brilliant or the two most moronic characters to ever come out of Hollywood. Either way, they’re unquestionably the 90s most memorable stoner icons, with Jay in particular becoming the posterboy for weed-smoking, foul-mouthed slackers the world over.

Having featured in numerous Kevin Smith films, including Clerks, Mallrats and of course Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, these days the pair are more likely to be found on a podcast than back-chatting ladies in front of a corner shop.

In the lead-up to their first ever tour Down Under, Jason Mewes shows FasterLouder why he is still “40% Jay,” talking drug addictions, pulling chicks, masturbation and snoochie boochies.

Jay, how’s it going – what’ve you been up to lately?

I’m working hard, the tour and promoting and hanging out, getting stuff ready and also I’ve been working on an animated feature; I can’t really say what it is yet, because we’re trying to figure out when we’re going to announce it. And also doing meetings and stuff, even though we’ve been podcasting and doing a lot of this stuff, I still wanna make movies and TV shows. Right now I’m waiting to hear back about Season 3 of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, which is a TV show I did in Canada. Season 2 just ended, and now I’m really hoping they get ready and want to shoot Series 3. So that’s it man, it’s work work work, and trying to spend time with my family, and hang out with my buddies, and act the fool, play Modern Warfare 3, and that’s that.

Do you still have to audition for things, if you’re going for TV shows like that, or do people know who you are and what you can do?

Yeah, sometimes. I’ve gotten movies that way. With TV, what I’ve been told, and as far as I know, unless you’re someone like Ashton Kutcher and they want you for Two and a Half Men, then no, you still have to have meetings and audition. TV they’re pretty strict, where they want you to audition and read and all that, because it’s not only directors and producers, but it’s the network, and you gotta through five different things. Guest spots you can maybe get on, and I’ve had a few meetings for guest spots, but yeah you still have to audition and jump through some hoops. Maybe one day I’ll hit that level, It would be nice. Movies are pretty much usually just a meeting, or they offer me the role.

Is there a massive difference between Jason Mewes in real life and Jay from the Kevin Smith movies?

I would say now it’s about 50/50, or 60/40. I mean that’s how I was exactly, when Kevin wrote that movie [Clerks] it was based off him spending time and hanging out with me as a 14, 15, 16, 17 year-old. These are things I did, said, and [I] acted exactly like that. As I got older you know, I realised I had to have some boundaries, I can’t get away with as much stuff as I could as a kid. I would say now I’m 60 percent still that obnoxious and stuff, but like I said I have to have boundaries now and watch what I say. 16 year-olds can get away with saying ‘Hey, what’s up slut?’, but now they’re like ‘What? How dare you say that!’ So 60/40 will go.

Did you ever use it to your advantage? I know you’re married now but back when you were picking up girls, would you use your lines like ‘Snoochie Boochies’ to get women?

No, I mean it’s funny, I’m glad you asked this because I used to have this debate a lot with my friends. Because a couple of girls would come over and we’d be debating it, my friends would be like ‘Whatever bro, you only get chicks ‘cause you’re Jay.’ But the funny thing is, honest to goodness, I would say possibly one or two women, maybe three women at the most have ever said ‘Oh my gosh, I wanna suck it, ‘cause you’re the snooch to the nooch.’

Now I would say over the years, beforehand, yes I think I had the advantage of that, I would definitely meet women because of the movies, because if I went out girls would come up and be like ‘Oh my gosh, you’re so funny, I love this thing’, and that would open it up to talk to them. Now I feel like the rest of it, from talking to them and getting them home, was more me trying to charm, or at least woo them to get them to my house.

We just watched a movie yesterday, my wife and three of her girlfriends, What’s Your Number or something, with Chris Evans? He takes his shirt off a lot, he’s real smooth, and he’s real sexy, and the girls were like, ‘Oh my god he’s so hot, look at his body, I want to have sex with him.’ That isn’t the Jay character. I don’t think when I’m sitting there going ‘Hey, snooch to the nooch!’ and dancing, and beating up the Easter Bunny, I don’t think anyone looks at my character and thinks, ‘Oh my gosh, look at him smoke that bong, he’s so sexy.’ So that’s a good question man.

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