Jack Garratt – Phase

One of the most hyped musicians to come out of the UK in recent memory, Jack Garratt has plenty of expectations weighing heavily upon his young shoulders. But on his debut album, Phase he doesn’t just meet those expectations, it exceeds them with ease.

Sitting somewhere between the club anthems of Disclosure and the more downbeat, aural soundscapes of James Blake, Garratt is forging a path, distinctly his own. Beautifully paced throughout, Phase sees the multi-instrumentalist exploring all manner of sonic soundscapes that blur the line between electro-pop and the sort of break-beat, underground house that’s become very popular in the London electronic scene. The deceptively simply lyrics belie the overall complexity of the music within.

Throughout, Garratt’s vocal range is on display, with a versatility that can be soaring and subtle, in equal measure. ‘I Know All What I Do’ duplicates and layers these vocals to great effect while ‘My House is Your Home’ is stripped back, with just Garratt on his piano. As he breathes a final deep sigh to close out the album, the weight of expectation and the pressure that comes with it, seems to have been relieved, for now.

8/10 stars