It’s official! Kanye West will release a new album in 2014

There will be a new Kanye West record in 2014.

The news was made official this morning by touring company Live Nation who have been forced to postpone West’s forthcoming Australian tour “due to unexpected timing requirements to finish his highly anticipated new studio album, scheduled for a 2014 release.”

While Yeezy himself is yet to officially confirm details of the new record, he recently gave Rolling Stone an insight into what fans could expect when the time did come: “I think my next album is going to be eight songs,” West said. “It’s just reducing down the amount of information that you need. People say a design is the point where you can’t take anything else away. [ Yeezus ] was very, very designed. I took a departure from radio and popular music in order to get this seat here. If I hadn’t made Yeezus, I wouldn’t be sitting here with this cool font at Basel right here.”

As Vice so comprehensively pointed out at last month, there has also been a stack of clues that a new Kanye record would be coming very soon. These clues included West actually telling hip-hop radio station Power 99 and Surius XFM that he had “started on the next record”; Q-Tip casually mentioning that he was producing West’s next album; and more recently some fairly glaring tweets from spoken word artist, musician and long-time West BFF Malik Yusef.

The record will be West’s seventh and follows on from last year’s Yeezus which after an elaborate publicity campaign – that included unveiling tracks through video projections on 66 famous landmarks around the world – was eventually leaked online three days before its scheduled June 8 release. The leak did Yeezy no harm, with the record described as “godlike”, “genius” and “colossally vain”. It also came in at #3 on FL’s Best Albums of 2013.

Cancelled Yeezus tour dates:

Friday, May 2 – Perth Arena

Sunday, May 4 – Adelaide Entertainment Centre

Tuesday, May 6 – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

Wednesday, May 7 – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

Friday, May 9 – Brisbane Entertainment Centre

Saturday, May 10 – Qantas Credit Union Area, Sydney

Sunday, May 11 – Qantas Credit Union Area, Sydney

New Yeezus tour dates:

Friday, September 5 – Perth Arena

Sunday, September 7 – Adelaide Entertainment Centre

Tuesday, September 9 – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

Wednesday, September 10 – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

Friday, September 12 – Qantas Credit Union Arena, Sydney

Saturday, September 13 – Qantas Credit Union Arena, Sydney

Monday, September 15 – Brisbane Entertainment Centre