“It’s like being at Woodstock!”: Things overheard at PSY

Sydney’s Marquee Nightclub has hosted some pretty big names in its first year of life. But for all the A-list pulling power of dance music’s flashiest names and their albums-long discographies, it was one man with a one-song set who sold out a Thursday night at The Star’s superclub: PSY.

Marquee secured the viral sensation’s first show in Australia (bar those TV performances) before he heads back next year with Future Music Festival and with tickets going for a not-so-paltry $130, it’s hard not to be amazed at just how manic the love for novelty song of the decade has become.

And sure enough, it was just that one song we got. PSY may have six K-Pop albums to his name, but it was a four-minute set for the Marquee crowd last night. We met some of the 300-odd people who caught ‘Gangnam Style’ up close a couple of weeks after Psy performed it to an estimated turnout of 100,000 at Seoul Plaza – here’s what they had to say.