Is this the most Aussie song ever?

A proud Australian YouTube user by the name of “goonman1” has created what may be the most Aussie song ever recorded. ‘Straya Day is Awesome (Cook Some Snags)’ is a parody of Hottest 100 favourite ‘Thrift Shop’ by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, with the original’s lyrics about the joys of second-hand clothes shopping replaced by slightly awkward ocker rapping celebrating the traditional Australia Day barbecue: “Walk into the party like, ‘G’day I got an esky’/Wifebeater and thongs/And my missus, she’s a westy.”

It’s one of several song parodies created by the prolific goonman1, which also include a version of the ubiquitous ‘Gangnam Style’ with the words altered to be about older ladies. It’s called ‘Grandma Style’ and yes, it does go “Heyyy, senior ladies! Do it grandma style!”

But there’s another contender for the song most likely to be brought up on YouTube and used to annoy your guests during the Hottest 100 countdown this afternoon in the break when somebody turns the radio off because a Skrillex song is on. It’s ‘Southern Cross Tattoo’ by Kate Miller-Heidke. An enterprising YouTube user has created a timely video for the song, which has been part of Miller-Heidke’s live set for a few years, by splicing together footage of very sharp-looking Australians from the 1970s, when our culture apparently peaked. “We’re gonna keep the VB cool/We’re gonna blow up the pool/On Hottest 100 day we are so happy and gay/But not in that way.”

FasterLouder will be spending Australia Day liveblogging the Hottest 100 countdown. Join us this afternoon as we annotate the songs as they’re announced and find out if anything did actually manage to take over ‘Thrift Shop’ in the voting.