INXS lead singer homeless

After “23 months” as the reality TV-elected lead singer of INXS, JD Fortune is now penniless and living in a pick-up truck. Fortune was the winner of Rock Star:INXS in 2005, joining the group fronted in better days by Michael Hutchence.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight this week, the man revealed he was unceremoniously ejected from the band at the Hong Kong airport. Perhaps not surprising, given he’d developed that rock star must-have: a roaring cocaine addiction. “How bad did it get?” asks the sincere interviewer in the ET segment. “It got as bad as it needed to be for me to numb out the fact that I knew this would come to a screeching halt,” Fortune answers, somewhat obliquely.

Since his INXS glory run, he’s been scraping together enough money to release a solo album, The Death of a Motivational Speaker, whilst operating out of his car. You really just need to watch it...

Entertainment Tonight interview Part 1

Entertainment Tonight interview Part 2