Introducing Basement Birds

Kav Temperley (Eskimo Joe), Kevin Mitchell (Bob Evans, Jebediah), Steve Parkin (Vinyl and Autopiolot) and Josh Pyke have come together through a love vocal harmonies and lilting alt country to form a low-key supergroup under the name Basement Birds.

The group formed when Parkin was performing in Bob Evans touring band and found the time to collaborate with Mitchell on a track, Waiting For You, during their downtime.

Meanwhile, Pyke had joined Eskimo Joe on a national tour and began exchanging ideas with Temeperley. After plenty of calls and emails the four musos converged on Temperley’s home studio in Fremantle to record their debut album.

The record, said to show off the groups mutual love of bands such as Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and Wilco, will be unveiled in four fortnightly instalments from late June.

According to Parkin they “seem to have fairly similar tastes in music. I think it’d be harder if we had someone who was into death metal and another into jazz fusion, [but there’s] enough common ground between the four of us.”

You’ll have a chance to see Basement Birds live on stages around the country with a mid year tour to be announced soon.

Listen to a Basement Birds rehearsal session: