Intimate Green Day Australian tour in “February or March”

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has revealed that the band is planning an Australian visit in “February or March” next year and that they’re keen to play a few smaller, intimate shows on the tour.

The band’s recent Australian tours have all seen the band filling arenas and stadiums but according to an interview with the Herald Sun Armstrong says the band wants to get closer to their fans on their next tour. “We’d like to do some clubs as well as playing in the bigger places,” Armstrong says. “That’s an experience we haven’t had in Australia since the first time we have been there, playing the 300 to 500 seaters. Australian crowds go off – so being in that small a room would be a lot of fun.”

According to the fansite Green Day Authority the band’s first Australian tour was in February 1996 when the trio played two night stands at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion and Melbourne’s Festival Hall plus shows at similarly large venues in Brisbane and Adelaide. Green Day’s 1998 visit did see them playing a three night stand at the Roundhouse in Sydney (capacity 1500) and a date in Canberra, but certainly nothing as small as a venue under 500 capacity.

The dates for Green Day’s Uno! Dos! Tres! tour schedule currently have a large gap between a gig in Las Vegas on February 8 and a stadium show in London in early June.