International news round-up: “We just built you up as the public enemy No. 1”

M.I.A. is told she’s too positive, Vampire Weekend confirm their third album, Lil Wayne and Tom Waits both become voice actors – all this, and more, in the weekend round-up of international news.

– The next M.I.A. album, Matangi, was originally due in December, but has now been delayed until April 15. In an interview with the Gold Coast Bulletin M.I.A. explained that the album was completed months ago, but was then pushed back because her label Interscope were unhappy with how positive it sounded. “It’s like ‘We just built you up as the public enemy No. 1 and now you’re coming out with all this positive stuff,” she said of their reaction.

– It’s been three years since Vampire Weekend released their second album, Contra, and in an interview with Q magazine, Ezra Koenig confirmed that a follow-up is due in 2013. He said, “You can have year or two based on being of the moment but beyond that you’re only as good as your songs. There’s a trade-off between quality control and frequency of releases. Three years feels like a good middle ground.”

– Rumour has it that Lil Wayne is going to lend his voice to a character in Pixar’s next animated movie. Called The Good Dinosaur, it’s the story of what would happen if the dinosaurs were never driven into extinction, and survived alongside humans. Joan Rivers, John Ratzenberger, and Jason Alexander from Seinfeld are also rumoured to be joining the cast.

– Brett Morgan, who is directing a movie about the life of Kurt Cobain with the co-operation of Courtney Love, has given away a few details of the form it will take. In homage to Cobain’s abilities as a visual artist – Morgan referenced the paintings, comic books and home movies he left behind – the movie will incorporate mixed media. “We’re hoping the Cobain film, that’ll hopefully be released in 2014, will be this generation’s The Wall – a mix of animation and live action that’ll allow the audience to experience Kurt in a way they never have before.”

Tom Waits has lent his whiskey-coated vocal cords to an episode of The Simpsons that will screen in the US this weekend. Waits plays a survivalist named Lloyd who leads a group of apocalyptic wingnuts called the “Springfield Preppers”, which Homer joins when he becomes convinced the end of the world is coming. The episode, called ‘Homer Goes To Prep School’, airs on Sunday night. Here’s what Waits’ character will look like:

– Orange County metalcore band Bleeding Through are calling it quits after 14 years of playing together. Their singer, Brendan Schiepatti, put the end of the band down to growing external pressures from family and business commitments as the members grow older, saying “Personally, I feel doing this band in a part-time fashion is not what this band is about and and feel like we have always been an all-or-nothing band.” They’ll be playing several farewell shows later this year before officially retiring Bleeding Through.