International news round-up: “There is music and it’s coming!”

Beck hints at new material, Queens of the Stone Age drop no hints at all, My Bloody Valentine finish a record – all this, and more, in our weekend round-up of international news.

– In a recent interview with the NME Beck explained that he’s working on following up his album of sheet music with some recorded material, though he’s not sure exactly what form it will take. “There is music and it’s coming!” he said. “I have this one record I started in 2008. It got put to the side for a long time but recently I’ve been mixing some of the songs. I’m not sure if they’ll be singles or EPs or an album but it’ll come out in some way and it sounds… sonically adventurous. I also have a record that I recorded last year in Nashville, which I may or may not finish.”

– If you’re hanging out for new information about the forthcoming Queens of the Stone Age album, their recent video Secrets of the Sound won’t help you at all. It’s a mockumentary starring comedians Matt Berry and Steve Agee as incompetent interviewers who manage to tease nothing of interest out of the band, except that Josh Homme is a massive Patrick Swayze fan. Secrets of the Sound was directed by Liam Lynch, a musician in his own right who has also directed music videos, including QOTSA’s own ‘I’m Designer’.

– Robert Zemeckis, director of movies including Forrest Gump and the Back To the Future trilogy, has scrapped his plan to remake The Beatles’ animated film Yellow Submarine. Zemeckis had hoped to recreate it in motion-captured CG, in a similar fashion to his movies Polar Express and Beowulf. After Disney cancelled the project he hung onto the rights, but since the success of his recent live-action drama Flight, Zemeckis has changed his mind and decided to leave the original alone, to the disappointment of absolutely no one.

– Fans of The Mountain Goats have put together a petition asking for the band’s lead singer, John Darnielle, to be named official poet laureate of the United States. Thanks to a White House website called ‘We the People’, any American citizen can petition the US government if they get over the threshold of 25,000 signatures – a petition to allow the import and sale of Kinder Surprise eggs currently stands at 468 signatures, while one to bring a senator who is in favour of gun control to trial for treason stands at 13,674. Darnielle is somewhere in between; currently there are 2,811 Americans in favour of naming him poet laureate.

– It’s been 21 years since My Bloody Valentine released their last album Loveless, and they’ve just finished work on the follow-up. In a recent Facebook post, the band said that they’d completed mastering the new album on December 21. It was originally announced for a 2012 release, and unless it takes another two years for the artwork to be decided on we’ll likely see this one next year.

– Jim Simpson, the original manager for Black Sabbath, has decided that Birmingham Airport should be named after Birmingham’s son Ozzy Osbourne. Liverpool’s airport was renamed ‘Liverpool John Lennon Airport’ in honour of the Beatle in 2002, and Simpson has declared that the Prince of Darkness deserves a similar honour.