Injured Ninja to release full length album

It’s been a long time coming, but Injured Ninja have announced their first full length album release, titled Injured Ninja vs Skylazer. It will be unleashed at the Bakery on 25 February this year.

The recording contains eleven tracks tied together with intricate artwork by long time collaborator, Peter Long, and tells “the story of a world facing epic divine retribution”.

Guest contributors include Novac Bull (Boom Bap Pow!), members of French Rockets and Tokyo-based noise artist Harico. The album was recorded by Kieran Kenderessy (Birds of Tokyo) and reflects the Ninjas’ experimental history thus far.

Injured Ninja Vs. Skylazer Tracklisting

01. The Advent

02. Fallopian Tube Screamer

03. Knucklepuck

04. Redeemer (Feat. Harico)

05. Golden Top Mountain Journey

06. Death Jam Toast

07. Oxygen Absorber

08. Our Bodies

09. Lull / Labyrinth

10. Puppies in Fish Tanks

11. Bathed in the Light of the Blood Red Moon

Big things have been happening in the Injured Ninja camp in the last few months; The album’s first single Golden Top Mountain Journey has been enjoying national radio time and the band has shared stages with Health and My Disco. In the coming months they’re performing at Laneway and SXSW before touring the US and then the east coast of Australia.

Injured Ninja vs Skylazer launch at the Bakery on 25 February supported by Tomas Ford, Naik, Mile End, Axxon and Diger Rockwell. Pre-sale tickets from