Iggy Pop teams up with Ke$ha

Since the release of her heavily auto-tuned, trash-pop debut Animal , Ke$ha has appeared on the Bob Dylan Amnesty tribute album, collaborated with Alice Cooper, donated blood (and vocals) to The Flaming Lips Heady Fwends album. Now she has announced another unexpected collaboration revealing that she has recorded a track with Iggy Pop for her next album of “cock pop”.

Perhaps Alice Cooper wasn’t completely insane when he told the world last year that Ke$ha’s “gonna end up being a rock singer, not a disco singer. She wants to be, you know, she wants to be Robert Plant, and she’s a big tall American girl and she could really do it.”

Ke$ha’s new album is expected to feature a track recorded with The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne ( You Control My Heart; sample lyric: You control my heart / So don’t be an evil motherf-er ) and will also include production from the chart dominating maestros Dr. Luke and Max Martin. In an interview with V magazine earlier this year, Ke$ha claimed that “The range of artists I want to work with is so vast it’s bizarre. I would love to have Keith Richards on the record. I would sure as hell like to do a collaboration with Bieber and at the same time do a song with the Flaming Lips… If someone is a real artist, you can’t confine them to a particular genre. It’s my mission to make it all make sense somehow.”

In other Iggy Pop news, the Stooges stage-diving frontman has released his new album online himself after his record company, Virgin EMI, refused to release it. The new record, Aprí¨s, features the punk icon crooning covers of Serge Gainsbourg, Harry Nilsson, Edith Piaf and Cole Porter songs. It’s the first album for Iggy since 2009’s jazz influenced Préliminaires, which Rolling Stone called “the weirdest record of the punk godfather’s career.”

Iggy explain his decision to release Aprí¨s_ on his own in an interview with The Telegraph. “What has a record company ever done for me but humiliate and torment and drag me down?” he asked. “They didn’t want it. They didn’t think they would make any money, they didn’t think my fans would like it – very sensible attitudes for a sensible sort of person – but that’s a different sort of person than I am.”

Iggy Pop’s Aprí¨s tracklist:

Et si tu n’existais pas (Joe Dassin)

La Javanaise (Serge Gainsbourg)

Everybody’s Talkin’ (Harry Nilsson)

I’m Going Away Smiling (Yoko Ono)

La vie en Rose (Edith Piaf)

Les Passantes (Georges Brassens)

Syracuse (Henri Salvador)

What Is This Thing Called Love (Cole Porter)

Michelle (The Beatles)

Only the Lonely (Frank Sinatra)