Iggy Pop and Henry Rollins are now cartoon weasels in a Disney show

Rock icons Iggy Pop and Henry Rollins have teamed up to steal the trophy for the annual Silver Skates Ice Jamboree in the Wild West town of Nice and Friendly Corners.

The pair pulled off the daring robbery in a recent episode of the Disney animated series Sheriff Callie’s Wild West where they were cast as the voices of  the Silverado Brothers – a dastardly duo of thieving weasels who try to evade the a police force led by sheriff Callie, voiced by pop singer Mandy Moore.

“I enjoyed being part of a team of fast moving, hysterical varmints on Sheriff Callie,” Rollins says. “The fact that the other half of the duo was Iggy Pop made it all the better. I don’t care that we got busted! I had a blast.” Pop added, “I always enjoy a good cackle with Henry Rollins.” Watch the cameo and Rollins explaining his love for “the friendliest critter you’ll ever meet” sheriff Callie below via The Rock Father.

The show’s executive producer Holly Huckins says that the casting was obvious as today’s rock stars are like the outlaws of the Wild West: “They’re always running from screaming mobs, their faces end up on posters, and their bad boy antics are the stuff of legends … They’ve got great voices. Second, they’ve got great swagger, and all of our bandits and horse rustlers have that in spades. But mostly, because they like to have fun.”

Other voice cameos in the latest season of Sheriff Callie include Chris Isaak as singing horse bandit Johnny Strum; Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea as the thieving wildcat Milk Bandit, and comedian Keegan-Michael Key as a card shark rooster named Phineas Foolery.