Husky tour diary

Husky are heading back to Australia to play a Sunday afternoon set on the GW McLennan stage at Splendour in the Grass and open The Shins sideshows, fresh from an American tour that has kept them busy playing shows with fellow Sub-Pop acts The Head and The Heart, and Shearwater.

While they were in the States singer (and band leader) Husky Gawenda, keys player Gideon Preiss, and bassist Evan Tweedie took a few moments to write a tour diary for FL. Sensibly they decided not to let drummer Luke Collins contribute his thoughts on the tour giving him the job of mutely taking the photos instead.

Austin, Texas by Evan

Our final leg with Head and The Heart. It’s hot and humid and as we drive into town we’re greeted by the roaring, obnoxious laughter of the Harley Davidson engines that have corroborated in town for the weekend. That’s right, it’s the Annual ROT (Republic of Texas) Biker Rally and every biker in Texas has come to flex their proverbial carbon muscle.

Anyway we played 2 shows in the amazing venue that is Stubb’s BBQ house to a full, sweaty and excitable audience. We sold out of our tour EP’s and it’s time to celebrate and see some local live music. We learnt the two-step with some of our Austin friends and drunkenly finished up at 3am in a Mexican restaurant with Margaritas and guacamole. Austin-tacious! Thankfully I have half a day to recover and it’s off to Toronto.

Toronto, Canada by Gideon

After a great stay in Austin Texas we made our way out of the country to Toronto Canada. Our departure from the states was premature as our plans to stop in Chicago to play a show fell through and we found ourselves with a few days off in Toronto. It’s unusual for us to have more than one day off in a row and we we’re excited to have a chance to recharge. Our accommodation was a good thirty minute drive from town in an area called Mississauga; famous for not much all, home for the next few days only because its cheap and not because its interesting. And so there we were, the four of us in two rooms separated only by a door, almost six weeks into tour, windows that wont open, no sunlight, no fresh air and us: smelly, run down tour rats with little to do. Cabin fever sets in. From next door I can hear rapturous laughter from Ev and Luke’s room, the laughter of two madmen as they make homemade films on their iPhones. It’s Ev’s Birthday tomorrow and we’ll be in Brooklyn for our last night of tour. Slightly nervous, mostly excited, curious to see what NY city has in store for us this time around.

New York by Husky

New York city is busting and bursting with life on every street, on every corner. I’m city born, I’ve lived in one all my life, and sometimes I find myself missing it when I leave it for a while. But today, on this last day of our six weeks on the long, long, endless American highways and out in the vast green European countryside, I find myself missing the dusty, golden heat of the Californian valley, the lonesome desert half-asleep premonitions of Texan roads and towns disappearing behind us, the crisp clean hills and valleys of greens and browns from Belgium to Germany to France and back again. But we have much to celebrate tonight, most of all being alive and having the opportunity to see all these places that many eyes will never have the chance to see. And to meet all these people we’ve met along the way.

Tonight, for our last show of tour, and on Evan Tweedie’s birthday, we will play in a bowling alley in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This brings to mind one of my favourite movies of all time – the Big Lebowski, which gives me a good kick. But, am I happy to be heading home tomorrow? In the famous words of The Dude himself, “Does the Pope shit in the woods!”