Hungry Kids of Hungary @ The Rosemount, Perth (07/05/11)

Fans made an effort to come early for Mr. Andy Bull. People lined up waiting for the doors to open, hoping to snatch up the last tickets. What they expected to see is quirky indie darling that knows how to string together a fine pop song; armed with a beautifully unique voice that is comfortably a little feminine, Bull was a definite crowd pleaser. “Hey guys this is Justin Beiber” he joked behind the keyboard.

Punters were very enthusiastic to hear Dog -originally recorded as a duet with Lisa Mitchell, Bull made up for her absence with a captivating performance, punters were transfixed on the emotion that poured out and the sweet sentiment of the song.

It was great to see The Chemist back home in Perth playing their dark and slightly eerie alternative rock. Despite the overall lack of enthusiasm from the crowd, The Chemist played an unforgiving set. The delicious thick base lines of Hamish Rahn and some awesomely spooky accordion playing by James Ireland really hit the spot. The dreamy tinkling keys of Lullaby #1(Mercy) and beautiful dreary vocals works of Ben Witt wrapped up the set nicely.

Hungry Kids of Hungary front man Dean McGrath was chuffed to announce that the show had sold out, a triumphant achievement for their first headlining tour. The band raced through the first half of the set without pause between Scattered Diamonds, Closer Apart and China Will Wait. Their choppy guitar playing, shout-along repetitive lyrics and sweet, sweet harmonies made for a fun night at The Rosemount.

Fans were excited to see Andy Bull come back on stage with his band to join the Kids for Last Waltz. The guys collectively agreed that the women of Perth are the most beautiful in the country and the beaches down south are the best and the weather is the best and so on and so forth. Which should have been followed by “finish your dinner, there are starving kids in Africa” for added emphasis, because these nice comments made a ‘swoosh’ sound as they went over everyone’s head.

Punters grabbed the closest person to them and danced away for Let You Down. With the intention of leaving fans with a rush of feel-good pop, the band left immediately; but punters didn’t move, they expected an encore. Soon enough, Hungry Kids of Hungary flew back on stage with 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins, which McGrath revealed as a song they listened to a lot in the 90’s. It was a fair cover but didn’t really push many buttons with fans. Set It Right ended the night on a positive note followed by a stomach turning drum solo.