How you’ll react to the Splendour 2013 lineup


The lineup for Splendour In The Grass 2013 drops tomorrow. We’re pretty certain this is how you’ll react…

When the lineup leaks in the FL forums

When it’s 10 minutes before the lineup drops

When it’s five minutes before the lineup drops

When it’s one minute before the lineup drops

When Tom and Alex decide to dripfeed the lineup instead

When you work for an online music magazine and Splendour gets announced

When all your favourite bands in the world get announced

…and then you realise you’re broke

…so you get a loan from your parents

…but your sister’s wedding is on that weekend

When you’re bummed about your favourite act not being announced and you’re at work

When metal fans see the Splendour lineup

When the “Unearthed” winners get confirmed

When no one shares your enthusiasm for Mumford and Sons

When [insert band you don’t really care about] are announced as headliners

Dave Grohl being awesome again just because

When Ordinary Dad hears the lineup

When Rave Dad hears the Splendour lineup

What you think happens when tickets go on sale

What actually happens when tickets go on sale

When you need to tell your boss you’re taking the weekend off to go to Splendour

When they say “more acts to be announced”