How To Dress Well – Total Loss

Tom Krell, better known as How To Dress Well, has followed up 2010’s Love Remains with another sparse, cinematic listening experience. Spartan in design, it leaves plenty of room for Krell to haunt each track with his reverb laden falsetto. Sirens and wind chimes speckle across the tracks but they are only decoration over brooding and, at times, pulsing R&B bass lines; ‘& It Was You’ could be cut straight from a TLC record.

Total Loss may have a frosty and seemingly barren outer shell, but it hides a compelling and totally danceable heart. In keeping with the spare outer aesthetics, the album is rife with sombre themes. There isn’t any joy in Krell’s mournful wailing, but it soars across the icy sonic landscape to create something fragile and beautiful.