How the Megadeth Soundwave saga unfolded

Why have Megadeth dropped off the 2014 Soundwave lineup? Is frontman Dave Mustaine punishing his Australian fans? Are former Metallica members Dave Mustaine and Jason Newsted feuding? What’s the new George Clooney movie like? Here’s everything you need to know about the Megadeth Vs Soundwave saga.

First Megadeth announced sideshows with support from Newsted

Newsted – as you can probably guess – is the band for former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted. Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine and Newsted toured together last year on the Gigantour and jammed together on the Metallica classic ‘Phantom Lord’.

Then Megadeth – allegedly – kicked Newsted off the bill

“According to Soundwave, the lineup change was made “at the request of Megadeth.””:

Which is weird because there seemed to be no animosity when FL caught up with Mustaine late last year

“You know, I don’t know,” he said of a potential Newsted collaboration on the Soundwave 2014 tour. “We had done a track with him at the end of Gigantour which was really cool, but part of the coolness about that was that it was spur of the moment. If we start doing stuff and people expect it, then it’s not really that cool anymore.”


Here’s a photo of Mustaine and Newsted being best buds:

Which made everyone really confused

Mustaine denied that he had anything to do with it

So did Megadeth’s tour manager

“Dave Mustaine is not responsible for booting Newsted off [the Soundwave festival], “Jim Carroccio tolf ABC Radio. “Dave did not put him on the bill and did not take him off the bill. Dave submitted a list of bands he was comfortable with and the promoter ignored the list. Dave and Jason are friends [and] this has blown up into something silly.”

Newsted kept quiet … except to announce new sideshow plans with Testament

Then Megadeth cancelled their tour

And Maddah had a crisis over lies and extortion

But has decided not to reveal why Megadeth really cancelled

Even though they might have a good reason for the decision

The ‘Vool almost got the replacement call… then didn’t

So Mastodon will headline the metal stage \m/

Mustaine reminisced about the “wise and caring” AJ of old

So Maddah tried to hug it out, kinda

Mustaine took the moment to review the new George Clooney movie

Then there was silence

Except from New Zealand

And Fear Factory

But no one really knows what happened with Soundwave…

Stay tuned for more news and updates.