Horsell Common – Lost A Lot Of Blood

Horsell Common are a bit of an anomaly in the current punk and hardcore scene. There are plenty of bands out there with the right attitude, enough talent, and the smarts to go where they need to be. Horsell Common have one up on the rest of the pack – their music comes across as a lot more genuine. On Lost A Lot of Blood there is no striving towards a particular sound or genre, just a genuine passion that, thanks to producer D.W. Norton, is carried along each track the way you would expect it delivered live.

Its hard to pinpoint exactly what the band sound like as each track varies in sound, from the heavy rock influences on Sentenced, to a slice of guitar driven pop with Lookaway, and traces of modern hardcore in Dean Youngblood. Opening track The Disaster bears likeness to Blueline Medic vocally and melody wise, but with a harder edge. Like Blueline Medic, Horsell Common seem to convey a sense of desperation in the delivery of their music without sounding overly strained. The sound comes across as almost effortless, but not simple. Most importantly each track has its own identity.

The instrumentation is admirable from the three piece, with layered heavy guitars spiralling into tense breakdowns, backed by intermittent machine-gun drumming, and a rhythm section that occasionally belies the heavy direction of the music. The vocals are sometimes pained, seldom sweet and frequently impassioned, and particularly stand out on This Modern Shame.

Lost A Lot of Blood has a definite direction musically, and while it strives to put across a lot in only five tracks, it still manages to leave you satisfied. Horsell Common have delivered an outstanding release that should set the band up for greater national recognition, and hopefully will lead to recording of an album in the near future.