Hollywood Undead, Skindred @ The Metro, Sydney (25/09/11)

The weather had been poor all day, and there was quite a line out the front of the Metro. Everyone was waiting for the Counter Revolution double header featuring Welsh rock-metal-hardcore-reggae fusion band Skindred, and American rap-rock band Hollywood Undead. Both Skindred and Hollywood Undead were coming off a 2011 album release, and both bands have unique genres. This show was going to be something different.

Skindred kicked off the show in front of an audience of people from all genres, ranging from hardcore to hip hop, but as soon as the peculiarly dressed Benji Webbe walked on the stage wearing a silver trench coat and a top hat, he proved that Skindred were a band that were going to impress. Opening with the distinctive riff of the first single from Shark Bites & Dog Fights, Stand For Something, Skindred got the crowd moving around and as Benji mentioned a few times, everyone ‘bounced’.

The band showed that they knew what they were doing, with every song in the 10 song set, as well as the mashup of Pass Out by Tinie Tempah and their own song Selector causing the crowd to go crazy. The highlight of the night was the ‘helicopter’, where Benji told everyone to take off their shirts and spin them in the air. The set was energetic and after an hour full of great music, a great mood, and great jokes, they closed the set with the first single off the newest album Union Black, Warning.

Hollywood Undead were overdue for a tour. Opening with one of their biggest hits, Undead, they crowd was full of energy from the moment the curtains were drawn. However after first few songs, the famous masks were removed, and the energy dropped. While the hardcore fans were still at the front chanting every word, it was a bit disappointing. The egotistical jokes that Charlie Scene told did not go over that well, and the mood wasn’t helped by him claiming it was “an honour to see Hollywood Undead”. However, this was probably expected of a band like Hollywood Undead. It wasn’t all bad news though, with Danny’s clean vocals always pleasing to the ear, and the band playing some all round good music. The heavy bass and beat of the show caused the crowd to jump, and the raps were timed to perfection, but there was still something missing.

Yet adding insult to injury, a mere fifty minute set from the headliners with Everywhere I Go and Been To Hell as an encore left the dedicated crowd with a bitter taste in their mouth considering it was the first time Hollywood Undead had been Down Under.

As the show wrapped up, it was clear that Skindred had emerged as the true stars of the show. Yet whilst Hollywood Undead may have disappointed some, there’s little doubt that a good time was certainly had by all.