Here’s how you’ll react to the Splendour 2017 lineup announcement

The 2017 Splendour In The Grass lineup drops tomorrow – but we already know what emotions you’re gonna feel.

When you get up nice and early at 8am and are ready for the announcement

10 minutes later…

20 minutes later…

When you have to go to work just as they’re about to announce the first act

Then they announce the whole thing in a matter of seconds

And you realise how many of your favourite bands are actually going

When you tell your dad about [insert nostalgia band here]

… but then it dawns you on you that he might actually go

When your brother turns to you and says, “Needs moar metal”

When the drip-feed ends and you can finally go to work … like a boss

Of course your actual boss might not be so understanding about you arriving an hour late

When you try and share your enthusiasm with Sally from accounts who only listens to Nova

And then you tell your boss who thinks he’s pretty cool

When they announce later “more bands to come”

The Splendour lineup is announced tomorrow March 29, stayed tuned for FL for all the details.

Photo Credit: Jack Toohey/inthemix