Here’s every single reaction the internet had to Drake’s new album

Drake’s new album/playlist More Life dropped over the weekend. And everyone’s favourite Canadian rapper is currently enjoying the success that only he is accustomed to now: it’s at the top of the charts, and probably will be for a while. At 22 tracks long across a whopping one hour and 21 minutes, there’s also lot of it – like, a lot.

From the moment the album began streaming, social media went nuts, commenting on absolutely everything there is to comment about on More Life. From the samples and lyrics to the beats and production, to the guest artist features – and lack thereof (A Drake release without Rihanna? Really?!) here’s a few of our favourite reactions to More Life. 

For starters, everyone was really, really, really excited

And went a little mad when it was delayed a few minutes

People especially loved the features

But some were more focused on who didn’t show up

Everyone loved the flutes

Some (*cough* Americans *cough*) were puzzled by UK grime

And everyone noticed Drizzy’s love of, er, adopting global sounds…

So the whole “Drake and J Lo are a thing” thing took a new turn…

Especially when he starts rapping about drunk texting her

Ultimately, everyone seems to love it – especially compared to Views.

Header photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

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