Here are the best ripper calls we overheard at Splendour In The Grass 2016

Photo by Kylie Keene/FasterLouder

Get enough cooked (and uncooked) units in the one place and you’re bound to overhear some top-notch banter, not to mention some inter-song wisdom from the many acts on the bill. While busy on ground reporting on each day of Splendour (here’s the action from day one, day two, and day three), JULES LEFEVRE was privy to more than a few ripper calls. Here are the best of the bunch. All photos by KYLIE KEENE for FL.

The 1975

“I didn’t realise Genesis were playing this year.”

One of the few punters old enough to remember Phil Collins reviews The 1975.

“Can I pay you in magic?”

Someone offering an alternative to drink tickets at the bar.

“I heard you can domesticate wombats, I think I’d like one.”

Låpsley getting into the Aussie spirit at the Mix Up tent.

“I ate an avocado the other day. It was good. You have great food here.”

Låpsley’s banter only got better.

“This isn’t a song – it’s 10 minutes of drums with a verse somewhere in the middle.”

Someone clearly not impressed by The Cure.

The Strokes

“I am having fun. I am having a lot of fun.”

Julian Casablancas was apparently having a lot of fun.

“SoundCloud deleted my account because of this bootleg.”

Paces, before dropping a remix of Kanye’s ‘Wolves’.

“I thought I had period pain, but then I just realised I needed to do a poo.”

Saturday morning vibes from a group of girls at the Amphitheatre.

“I want everyone to dance like they have a little George Michael inside of them… oh wait that was probably not the best way to phrase that.”

Tegan Quin not showing much faith in her wording.

Tegan & Sara

“We’re from Canada and our prime minister is really hot.”

Declared Sara Quin. It’s true though.

“I’m not sorry that you have children, that was your choice.”

Sara Quin spelling it out for a punter.

“It’s SAHnti-gold, not SANtigold. None of this SANtigold shit anymore.”

Santigold giving the Mix Up tent a lesson in pronunciation before everyone had a dahnce.

At The Drive-In

“Can we get rid of this stage smoke? This isn’t Spinal Tap.”

Cedric from At The Drive-In turns it down from 11.

“It’s a bottle of white to start the night, a bottle of red to get to bed.”

A budding sommelier in the Mix Up crowd.

“Woah those terracotta pots are so big. I have the little versions at home, with littler trees in them. But those are huge.”

A very excited Gold Bar patron looking to get into pot dealing.

“What if you didn’t have any arms and you needed to put on a wristband? Where would you put it?”

Actually a good question on the Amphitheatre hill.

“Fuck. I just swallowed my Difflam.”

Better than shelving it, I guess.


“Fuck Pauline Hanson! Goodnight!”

Flume possibly hinting at a run in the senate come 2020.

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