Help Henry Wagons interview Japandroids at Laneway

Want to know how Japandroids feel about missing out on the triple j Hottest 100, or just how hard it really is to pummel people for 40 minutes straight? Well, FL, Laneway and Henry Wagons are giving you the chance to ask Brian King and David Prowse all the fanboy/girl questions you’ve been thinking up in the shower.

FL have enlisted Henry Wagons to go face-to-face with Japandroids before they lay waste to the Car Park Stage at the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival in Melbourne this Sunday (February 3). That’s right, Henry is going to dig deep and find out if David is a boxers or briefs kind of guy, or uncover the real meaning behind the ‘Wet Hair’ lyric, “We need a ride to Bikini Island.” But he needs your help.

Despite what his beard and glasses might suggest, ol’ Hank isn’t as good at researching as he is at singing Wild West murder ballads, so he’s asking you – yes, you, dear reader – to come up with some questions. At roughly 1pm on Sunday, Henry will be wandering around the grounds of Footscray Community Arts Centre at Melbourne’s Laneway Festival, camera in tow, to find the biggest Japandroid fans. If you have something you’ve been dying to ask the guys just grab Henry and let him know. But be warned: You will almost certainly be filmed.

And just in case you can’t make it to Melbourne Laneway, we’ll be taking questions from the “floor” (aka the forum) as of this afternoon. If you have a question for Japandroids just let us know below and Henry will choose the best ones. When we post the video online next week you’ll be able to see if yours made the cut.

So what are you just dying to ask Japandroids?