Hell City Glamours, Super Best Friends, Escape Syndrome @ ANU Bar, Canberra (19/06/09)


On a cold night in Canberra Hell City Glamours warmed the locals up rock’n’roll style with the help of resident favourites Escape Syndrome and Super Best Friends.

Escape Syndrome kicked off the night in usual fashion, warming up the freezing crowd in an inferno of guitars and vocals. Always a favourite on the ANU stage the Canberra boys treated us again to songs off their debut release WrongTurnRight.

To get the blood pumping Super Best Friends were next to take the stage. Also from Canberra these unbelievably entertaining and energetic boys sent the crowd into a dancing flurry with their funky form of indie punk rock. Playing songs off their new EP Ready Aim Fire, these fun loving lads almost looked as though they were having more fun than the lively crowd. It’s rare to find a young band of this style of music doing it so well but hands down they were the stand out for the night. Their EP is now available from all good music stores and if you’re a fan of anything Les Claypool has been associated with, you’ll adore all that these boys have to offer.

Back to Canberra for the first time in (shock horror) 6 whole months the long haired gods of Australian rock proved that despite the near freezing temperatures outside it is never too cold to rock out in Canberra. The minute Oscar and the boys belted out the bars of the first song they had audience members clambering over chairs, table and each other to get to the stage to rock out with the Sydney rockers.

Having toured with some of the biggest names in rock’n’roll over the last 7 years Hell City Glamours have finally released their debut full length last year. They began their explosive set with One Night Only showing why Canberra fans flocked in great droves to see the glam rockers play.

Battering the crowd with songs such as their new single Josephine and Hey Man the boys were quite clearly having such a ball up on stage none of them wanted to leave to refresh their drinks so decided to order them from where they were. They finished off their set in style and were about to leave the stage but the enthusiastic crowd wanted oh so much more from them. So no longer giving a f*@k they busted out with White Trash Hot Love to finish their amazing performance.

You can catch Super Best Friends playing Gangbusters at Bar 32 in a couple of weeks. For Hell City Glamours there aren’t a great deal of shows coming up with no big tours on the horizon but hopefully they make the three hour trek south again in the coming months to warm up our rockin’ bones!