Heavy Metal Gangs Of Wadeye

Vice’s online video hub VBS is currently streaming its latest documentary project, Heavy Metal Gangs Of Wadeye. The film sees the VBS crew travel to Wadeye – an isolated Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory – to profile the local youth gangs. Each group is formed around allegiances to different metal bands, most prominently Judas Priest, Metallica and Slayer.

Divided into two parts on the VBS site, Heavy Metal Gangs Of Wadeye is well worth a look. The filmmakers spent a week in Wadeye speaking to the gangs and other members of the community, even scoring an invite to the town disco.

As they say in the blurb: “No matter how much you claim to like metal, you’ve got absolutely nothing on these kids.” You can watch Heavy Metal Gangs Of Wadeye below, or head over to VBS to stream it.