Heatwave promoters: “The festival has been great!”

It’s the big question of the summer – how could a festival boasting the unquestionable talents of acts including Crazy Town, Chamillionaire and a few of Eminem’s old mates possibly struggle to be a raging success? The organiser of the Heatwave festival, Patrick Whyntie aka rapper Mastacraft who boasts 30,000 iTunes sales for his hit single I Love Porno, seemed to have another sure fire hit on his hands.

Whyntie and the other promoters of the Heatwave festival seemed to do everything right – they announced a lineup with a full 37 days to go before the start of the tour, booked popular and reliable acts, slowly locked in dates at venues with wildly ambitious capacities, and then left planning for minor issues such as liquor licensing to others. Oh, and they instated a progressive ‘shirts off’ dress code for the event.

What could possibly go wrong? It not as though an Australian tour promoter has ever had an issue with a hip hop tour before… at all… at any stage. Ever.

The notion that there weren’t hordes of punters clambering to grab the XXL VIP tickets for the event in Canberra, which offered access to the backstage after party, free snacks and “a special ride on the pimped out HeatWave promo tour bus” for a lazy $615.60 is simply outrageous.

Sadly not everything ran smoothly for the event with headliners D12 missing their flight and shows in Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney, the Perth event getting axed (due to “discrepancies” between Heatwave and the Perth promoters, MURDA-US Productions), Aussie rapper Kerser bailing on shows and Tech N9ne breaking several ribs while on tour. The Melbourne event fared the worst with the promoters announcing just hours before the show that they had failed to secure a liquor licence and then blaming others including the Victorian police for the problem, Chamillionare failing to appear and Kid Cudi’s set been cut early.

Several Facebook groups trashing the festival’s organisation have appeared in the aftermath of the catastrophic shows including People Who Were Screwed Over By The Douches Who Organised HeatWave, HeatWave = Biggest Music Festival Failure ever and HeatWave Biggest Fck Up Of 2012. One reviewer unfortunate enough to attend the Melbourne show described the mess as “a shambolic excuse for a music festival.”

The Heatwave promoters, who had repeatedly visited the FasterLouder forums to defend their festival planning abilities, haven’t returned to made any comments on the festival’s many failures although it’s possible that they’re simply too busy deleting angry comments from their Facebook pages to respond.

A statement posted on the Heatwave Facebook page this morning simply dismisses any negative comments claiming that their page had been hacked and that “Despite a few media sites who have been riding us since day 1 and focusing only on the negative parts not the bulk of the festival which has been great! We know thousands of you had a GREAT time at a very affordable price. The team has worked hard under some very hard situations to bring you this show… things will only get bigger better and more affordable in the future.”

Hopefully Heatwave doesn’t disappear like Bam and Blueprint and we can do this all again next summer. Wonder what Insane Clown Posse, Tag Team and Len are up to next January?