Heatwave promoter in the Big Brother house?

As if the re-boot of Young Talent Time wasn’t bad enough, the shaved apes who write the cheques at the Nine Network have decided to bring back Big Brother for another season later this year.

The decision to bring the show back might be questionable, but we’ll know that the producers are completely insane if they don’t lock our favourite blue dreadlocked hip-hop promoter away in the house. Yes, that’s right Heatwave boss Patrick Whyntie (aka Mastacraft) has applied to be part of the Big Brother cast for 2012.

The man behind the Aussie rap classic I Love Porno, announced on Facebook earlier this month that ‎for “100 LIKES and i’ll genuinely audition for BIG BROTHER 2012…figure with my resume i’d be a red hot shot and hold it down for all of us”. And although that post has only attracted 78 likes from his 7000+ fans at the time of writing Whyntie has now announced that he has “Just registered for Big Brother…If I get in I will do you all proud.”

According to the application form for potential Big Brother inmates “The Nine Network and Southern Star are looking for people who have warmth, intelligence, humour and no agenda”. The application also reminds us that “If you look at the most loved people on Big Brother – Chrissie Swan, Reggie, Fitzy, Sara-Marie – they all have one thing in common; they just put it all on the line and were embraced by the nation”.

How could the nation fail to embrace the warmth, intelligence, humour of this masterful rapping?

The new version of the show will be hosted by Sonia Kruger and kicks off its search for entertaining morons in Perth on Saturday 14th April.