Harvest festival dates confirmed

Last week we reported that there is a rumour circulating that the Soundwave festival gang is preparing to launch a new festival called Harvest, which will feature a very different lineup of acts to the heavy metal and punk sounds that dominate the Soundwave and Soundwave Revolution tours.

A loose-lipped ‘music industry professional’ who masquerades under the name Missinfo Chrissy, and who leaked several details about the On the Bright Side lineup, announced that ”[The] Soundwave promoter is diverting his attention from [the] punk/bogan/emo/rock world [and] doing a more indie styled event called ‘Harvest’ which I believe will deffo feature Portishead & Bright Eyes & The National. Pretty sure this will be East Coast only but WA can expect sideshows from some or all these bands in mid-November.”

On the weekend Missinfo added more grist to the rumour mill by suggesting that “Acts now looking likely for Harvest include The Flaming Lips, The National, Aphex Twin, Mogwai and Janelle Monae – that’s on top of Portishead and Bright Eyes who are already confirmed.”

FasterLouder has contacted Soundwave for comment, but hasn’t yet received any confirmation of the festival’s existence from the promoters.

However some solid evidence about the festival has emerged with several university arts websites issuing a “call for artistic proposals [such as] installation and performance ideas to enhance the sense of discovery and adventure” for Harvest – a festival “created by the team behind Soundwave and Soundwave Revolution, [which] will be a 15,000-20,000 capacity event with a top international music bill.”

The festival is described as “Thrilling and magical, Harvest is a banquet for the senses: exhilarating music, stunning location, beautiful art installations, playful and subversive performance, quality food and markets, and a strong ecological and social consciousness.” (View the full brief on the Audio Production Teaching & Project blog of Damian Castaldi, a sound and digital media artist and academic at Sydney’s SAE Institute)

According to the artistic brief, Harvest will be a one day outdoor music and arts festival taking place November, with shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Thanks to some research by FL forum poster neuroticwill we can confirm that none of the acts rumoured to play at the festival have shows booked that clash with the festival’s dates – of course that doesn’t confirm anything… but it sure does make us deliriously excited to see the festival lineup confirmed.

Harvest festival dates:

Melbourne – Saturday 12th November

Sydney – Sunday 13th November

Brisbane – Saturday 19th November