Hacineda – Shake Down

For the third time Dan Auerbach has passed his magical garage rock wand over an album by Hacienda and the results have brought out the best from this young band from San Antonio.

The Villanueva Brothers (Abraham, Jaime and Rene) are joined by their cousin Dante and they make a fabulous racket through these ten rapid fire tracks. This is not an album of jamming, it is a gathering of sensible pop-garage ditties. The drums and bass are very reminiscent of The Black Keys and you can understand why Auerbach took Hacienda on tour with him when he did his solo tour. You Just Don’t Know is a case in point and could easily have come from the latest Key’s release. Don’t Keep Me Waiting is yet another case in point and the drums and handclaps are enough to get you dancing yet again.

Let Me Go, the second track, is a rock and roll grind that would get any crowd moving in bar whether it be in Texas or Sydney. The simple lyrics and the backing vocals make you think it was laid down in the two minutes it took to play it on your device of choice.

Don’t Come Out Tonight is a classic pop song that should be played on any popular radio station with taste. Natural Life heads into a bit more of a poppy Americana style and shows off the harmonies that these boys have. Pilot In The Sky is a slow burner with some nice piano flourishes and the longest track at over 5 minutes on this short but very addictive release.

Dr. John, Buffalo Killers and Jessica Lea Mayfield have all benefited from the touch of Auerbach; Hacienda is definitely his favourite pet project and the results are right here to hear.