Gyroscope – Safe Forever

2003 has proven to be a massive year for Gyroscope. Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, these home-grown boys have proven to be a national phenomenon, touring with big names such as 28 Days, Antiskeptic and The Living End, and are currently on tour with Californian Punk-Rocker’s, Blink182. They’ve received copious amounts of well deserved airplay from national radio station, Triple J, and have been voted amongst’s readers as ‘Best Australian Live Band 2003’, ‘Best Australian Breakthrough Act 2003’ and their recently released EP, Midnight Express has been voted ‘Most Popular EP of 2003’


Gyroscope’s sound has been seen to vary between songs, but with its crunchy riffs and powerful, yet nasal/husky vocals, (not quite Jebediah, but almost there!) it screams good old Aussie rock.


Their current single Safe Forever goes for a softer approach, with three ballads, all distinctively unique, flowing through the airwaves. Safe Forever the title track opens with a soft lulling guitar riff, emotional lyrics and a chorus build up which empowers and entices us, as we hear vocalist, Daniel proclaim “I did it for you girl, I did it for you”. The track ends up with rough and powerful screams, more proclamation, and an overall zest that leaves you wanting to put the track on repeat. Definitely a winner.


The second track Misery is a great contrast to the aforementioned opener, as an acoustic ballad, soft, relaxing and laid back, and the closing track, a live version of Sharp Words is yet another energetic, yet romantic ballad, with tons of punk rock riffs which are almost reminiscent of some of Blink182’s less silly songs, yet still have that original untouchable quality.


This is merely a taste of what is in store for us this year, when it comes to these 4 young men. I expect to hear much more from Gyroscope in the coming years, these guys have started something big, and will keep it big for some time to come.