Gyroscope – Midnight Express

There’s only one word to describe the nature of Gyroscope’s 2003 release, Midnight Express: intense. Whilst the EP opens with a rather generic pop-punk guitar sound, it soon delivers the goods; singer Daniel’s passionate vocals proving this band has a lot more going for them than some Blink 182-esque teen angst issues.

For the most part, Gyropscope’s sound is heavy – distorted guitars and thumping drums mark the chorus’, whilst a more melodic focus upon guitar and vocals are played up in the verses – a pattern especially true in both the opening and closing tracks, The Lesser Me and Chapter 13. The songs are short and powerful, even in their more mellow moments. It is a sound which this band has no trouble in communicating live – this group of young men possess an immense talent which will only improve and develop with time. Thanks to airplay on Triple J and exposure through WAMI organised events and releases, Gyroscope continue to make their mark on both the Perth, and indeed Australian, music scenes. 

Midnight Express offers the listener two brilliant musical excursions into the world of Gyroscope; Fire Away and the title track, Midnight Express. Both tracks feature the signature distorted guitars and typically nasal vocals of most Western Australian singers, but are markedly different. Midnight Express is a painful, yet beautifully haunting experience, and by far one of the best songs to come out of Perth in a long time; melodic guitar riffs supported by powerful vocals and a crunching rhythm section sparks within the listener similar feelings of despair experienced by the band itself. However, the vocal communication of this band is far from exclusively negative; the familiar tale of I Wish I Did (a drunken all-night encounter that seemingly means everything, but probably means nothing) instills in the listener a sense of security and hope, though at the same time, being somewhat wistful and empty.

Sharp Words tells a tale of desperation, in the form of one of the recordings more mellow moments. The fact that this track is able to follow the brilliant intensity of Midnight Express and not let down the listener proves that Gyroscope are well on their way to becoming a band devoid of genre restrictions – good music need not be encapsulated by a word, such as “indie” or “alternative”. A better way to describe Gyroscope’s sound would be “honest”; definately a band everyone should keep their ears tuned in for in coming years.