Gyroscope: Breeding Obsession

Well, Breed Obsession , the third album from Perth boys Gyroscope dropped on March 8 and at the time of writing it was yet to make an appearance on the ARIA charts. But hey, it’s only been four days.

After picking up a couple of WAMIs for the first single, Snakeskin, the group deigned to have the track employed by Channel 10 in their AFL promotions and, of course, Triple J have been blasting Breed Obsession as part of their regular feature album roster. So if you haven’t heard it yet, you will soon.

But the fans are loving the new tunes, right? Zoran Trivic, the band’s guitarist, hedges, “We’ve been wary not to play too many new songs. As a punter myself, when you go to see some of your favourite bands and they’re playing a whole bunch of new stuff, you sort of go, –  “yeah that’s cool, but I want to hear some of the old stuff.’ Fans latch on to your older stuff. We’ve been sneaking a few [newies] in. We’ve been lucky, since the Big Day Out, the Snakeskin [single promotion] tour and this [ Pre-Obsession ] tour, there’s been a few people who have heard the new ones a few times and are really getting into it.”

Gyroscopes previous effort, Are You Involved? was recorded in the States, but this time they headed in another direction, recording with Dave Eringa in the UK. I wanted to know what prompted the foursome to take their work off shore.

“It’s great for the band – to experience something really quite different in terms of your surrounds, and things that inspire you to write and make the record,” Zoran explains. “But more often than not, it’s just the logistics. [Dave] worked with a band we loved called Idle Wild. We loved the sound of their record, so we thought, ‘Let’s see what he reckons about our demos.’ He was like, –  “Yeah, sounds good, but I’ve got a wife and a kid so it’s a bit hard for me to trek to Australia. Can you guys come over to the UK?’ By the time you bring a producer out, with all his equipment, it’s gonna cost about the same to take the whole band over there. A similar thing happened with Mark Trombino, our last producer in the States...”

And how did they find working with Dave, after Mark? Was there any differences between the US and the UK that they were particularly happy with?

“A huge difference in climate!” Zoran quips. He adds that a marked change in the recording process was instrumental in Gyroscope producing what they feel is their strongest album yet. “The main reason we really loved Dave, as well, is that he records all his bands live.”

With Trombino, Zoran says things were “very clinical, in that they record the drums first, then we come to lay down guitar tracks for the drums, [with] the vocals sort of put on at the end.” Dave Eringa embraced the “old school, British kinda way where everyone’s in a room tracking together.” Admittedly, Zoran claims that there are “a few imperfections in there, but you do really get that live energy, that live feel. That’s what we really loved about it.”

And, I suggest, to play together in one room allows you the opportunity to see each other’s faces, and feed off each other, as a rock group should. “Yeah, exactly right,” Zoran affirms. “It was a huge difference this time around.”

Another difference I noted this time around is a rather flaccid review I spied in a well respected music publication (first word beginning with R, second word beginning with S). Zoran laughs. “We read that – we weren’t too excited about it. If anything, we’ve been spoiled ‘cause our last two records got four stars and we feel that this is our strongest record. You can’t take it personally. You can’t believe everything you read. I read one review where they listed the album name as Gyroscope and the band name as Breed Obsession, so you gotta wonder...”

No doubt keen for recovery after appearing at Melbourne’s Pushover Festival on Monday, not to mention a gig for Triple J in Brisvegas on the very next day, Gyroscope will push ahead. They have more festival dates lined up, before heading home to Perth for some much needed kicking back. Well, for a minute anyway.

The album tour to promote Breed Obsession is booked for late April/early May. Essentially they “get to go home for a few weeks, do some more writing and stuff, soak up a little bit of time at home, then get back on the road.”

Zoran, who recently became engaged to his partner, Renae, admits, “You do get a little bit homesick, but it’s all good. You’ve got to remember what you get to do for a living.” Yes. You lucky bastards.